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Flying Dutchman Alec Kopyt

September 18th, 2009, posted in Friends

Alec Kopyt in NYConcert of Alec Kopyt (Odessa/Amsterdam) with New York band “Golem” at Mehanata in December of 2007 was probably the most important and successful event presented by Big thanks to Annette Kogan of “Golem”, without whom we couldn’t have done this.

About Alec Kopyt:
His roots go back to Odessa, a port city where Russian, Jewish, Greek, and Romany cultures collided. Growing up among thieves, prostitutes and swindlers, he was exposed to various forms of street culture. He began playing accordion at the age of ten and became an expert in the traditional Jewish music. Authenticity, raw energy and powerful performance made Alec Kopyt a cult figure of underground scene in Europe. He is currently playing with Amsterdam Klezmer Band, and has an ongoing project, P.O.Z.A., with various guest musicians.

Alec’s Myspace Click on “Read More” for music, videos and more links on the artist.